Gregorian Rant – the week of March 26 – 30


After I got the green goo out of my hair Friday, I met some friends for a beer.  We were talking about our week when one person mentioned, “there is always something interesting going on at your school!”

I think she is right.  I would say that there is a spirit of innovation at St. Gregory and that spirit is manifest in so many ways.  This week we reversed our clothing, dyed our hair, dressed up as princesses and hippies, tied our hair up(even Francois!).  We got a brand new popcorn machine, a huge movie screen and we welcomed more new students to our school.

I am noticing that we are using new technology in interesting ways.  Farmville is being used as a math activity, and the kids love it.  Next week, teachers are going to bring the iPads together in two classes so that kids will be able to use them for class activities.  Teachers are trying new types of technology like Animoto and are getting ready to transform their classroom into a Robert Munsch book!

I am sure I have missed a few things (did I mention the fairy tale story recorded on an iPad?), but I am sure you get the point, the spirit of innovation is alive and well at St. Gregory.  This spirit is essential to our school community.  The spirit for innovation creates an atmosphere of excitment where true learning can happen.

This spirit encourages students, teachers and even parents to take risks in learning.  We are all just a little more willing to move to the edge and to try new things.

This is an exciting place to be.  It is great to be challenged!

Have a great week!



St. Greg This week

Monday, March 26

Ukulele kids

No Lunch Lady this week

Paul out – 1:30 (Board office)

Maureen out – Nicole Szeideman in

Tuesday, March 27

Gr. 6 Grad Photos

Paul out (PM) Board office

Wednesday, March 28

popcorn sales today – 50 cents a bag to be sold at lunch

Noodle Ball teachers vs Gr 6 students $1 to watch proceeds to Kakinada

Paul out 11:00 – 12:00 (Board)

Thursday, March 29th

Elementary Resource Teacher Networking – Tanya out all day

Rosary Program

Young Rembrandts

Friday, March 30th

Bingo at lunch $1 to participate proceeds to Kakinada

Learn to Play – basketball


The Teacher’s Quick Guide To Pinterest

Children learn social skills by interacting freely with peers. Playgrounds provide an opportunity for children from different classrooms to interact and enhance skill development. What if there was a place for the teachers to play, learn new skills, and network with others?

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